"Facing the risks of the Internet   a national study conducted by eafit University and telephone operator Tigo showed that 12% of the children and teenagers interviewed were victims of Internet fraud, and 35% saw nudity or had sex on the Internet, 30% of people have contact with someone they don't know on the Internet.   these figures are just some of the long list of risks that children face every day in the country.The education and companionship of parents and teachers are crucial to building a culture of responsible and safe use of the Internet, which is a tool for daily work and communication with family and friends, For entertainment.   in a corporate social responsibility initiative, Tigo Columbia launched a small network series: patch, Internet guardian, a five chapter product, which is "through"Marcelo Cataldo, President of Tigo, explained: "every day's story is in the form of video, with simple and interesting information, and we seek help to set standards for the decisions they face every day in digital interaction."   this mini series is entirely produced in Colombia, This is the company's response to its commitment to create a secure space for the Internet © National Institute of learning  also read © N: Microsoft may have heard a conversation from Xbox one users   "mini series is an innovative way to connect with children and teenagers. We understand that we can not only go through © Daily situations, such as online shopping, online shopping, video games, teaching adults to use the Internet, are their first choice.Under goti's supervision, a small system code is designed to be a patch: the code responsible for creating opportunity scenarios throughout lared.   goti will understand the importance of patch work and gradually solve problems in the best way.   figures in the study Research developed by eafit University in collaboration with Tigo shows that 16% of the children surveyed in bukamanga claim to be victims of Internet fraud; 37% have accPornographic content, of which social media is the most commonly used media, accounting for 27%; 23% of children received information with sexual content, and 8% of children sent or published information with sexual content.   44% of urban children claimed to have contact with strangers on the Internet, 25% of the sample knew the stranger in person, and none of them informed their family or friends when they first met the stranger.   the study was conducted in several countriesUrban educational facilities © Young people's high exposure to potential Daino content is obvious: 22% think that content is "a dangerous way to be too thin"; 39% saw hate messages directed at groups or individuals; 40% of the people observed physical injury and 31% had a chance to "commit suicide".

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