Bill Gates didn't say the coved vaccine wasn't real. Bill Gates does not mean death, but the number of people who may have side effects if given the covid19 vaccine. Bill Gates, the US billionaire, is the founder of Microsoft technology company. During the pandemic, he became the target of many misleading remarks, Many of them passed with them © The bill Melinda Gates Foundation.Recently, his statement in a TV interview on April 9 was used by Facebook or twitter to spread lies, such as that gates "admitted thousands of people would die of coronavirus vaccine", Or this tycoon "will think that 770000 people died of vaccine is a good result." this is a wrong statement, because gates did not mention the death caused by vaccine in an interview with CNN, but mentioned n.According to their calculations, if people all over the world were vaccinated with covid 19, how many people (700000 people) might be affected by side effects when antiviral drugs are present. gates refers to side effects, There was no death when Gates was asked if she believed there would be vaccination 18 months ago, progress was being made (around the 11th minute of the public interview)Gates replied that there is a "very promising way". If everything goes according to plan, the vaccine can be vaccinated within 18 months, but it will affect "don't have wrong expectations", because "vaccination for the elderly is a huge challenge." in this regard, please remember, The flu vaccine itself is "less effective for the elderly," and in fact, this group benefits mainly from "the young." © Vaccinate. Don't get infected.Let's get an effective vaccine for the elderly, because that's where people are most at risk, so they don't have side effects. One out of every 10000 people is affected by side effects, which means more than 700000 people will be affected by side effects. "Based on the successful production of 7 billion doses of vaccine, SealA gates calculated one dose for each resident of the earth. No, he did not predict that coronavirus is not the first time to see coronavirus.The founder of Microsoft is a victim of false information. In fact, Gates has been the target of various conspiracy theories for many years, especially after the outbreak of the new coronavirus. other lies that cause people to doubt Gates' intentions are based on a ted speech he hosted in 2015, The possibility of a global pandemic is considered one of the greatest risks in the world. "today, the greatest risk of a global catastrophe is unparalleledAt the beginning of his speech, Gates said that he showed the image of the influenza virus on the screen. if something killed hundreds of millions of people in the next few days © It's going to be a very contagious virus, not a war. Part of the reason is that a lot of money has been invested in nuclear deterrence and little in systems to stop epidemics. "We are not ready for the next epidemic," he said in that conversation.As we all know, on March 24, gates clarified the meaning of these words in a video conference organized by Ted conference organizers. "I mean, we are not ready for the next epidemic, But science has made progress, and if we put in resources, we can be ready (), but we've done almost nothing, and now we have a respiratory virus, which unfortunately fits my worst prediction, "sHe is the founder of Microsoft. recently, Spanish singer Miguel bosh © He accused Bill Gates of "Eugene" © Nesico "owns", among other things, the "farmac à" © Utica "GAVI", according to the artist, has caused casualties all over the world due to "vaccination failure." the name of GAVI is actually a response to the abbreviation © Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization (GAVI)Melinda Gates, and other international organizations and governments.

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