Apple released the iPad 2 skip the navigation menu, go to "economic and consumer research" content "comparative analysis" and "revised video information" and "non mainstream" theme Apple released the new iPad 2 model, which will have the same 10 inch screen, But it will be lighter, thinner and faster © insistLaunched a series of new portable leisure consumer devices, called tablets © Their iPad star product. Now he's announcing the second version of the device, the features of the iPad 2 prototype. Apple's new model will have the same 10 inch screen as the iPad 1, but will be 13% lighter and 30% thinner, which will greatly improve its portability, Many users claim thatYeah. However, their surface dimensions do not change to keep the screen size. Yes © This will be a faster device to perform its functions, because it has a new, homemade dual core A5 dual core processor. 4.3, the new version of iosadems, order processing speed is also faster © That's because it will be the first branded device to run on IOS 4.3, the latest update to IOS 4.3.System, commonly used in iPod touch, iPhone and iPad products. Another related feature is that it includes two cameras, one for FaceTime? video conferencing, which is common to all Apple devices, and the other for recording high-definition video. finally, the iPad 2 will not carry a USB port as many followers and customers would like, Data transmission should be done wirelessly or through the computer's iTunes program. Pull RThe battery will be charged through its classic port. It has not been incorporated into the iPhone 4's "retina" screen technology as originally said, because it is inefficient in the screen size of the iPad. it has coped with the increasingly fierce competition by becoming a pioneer of the home consumption board © Stico Microsoft has been providing professional models for engineers, logisticians and architects for many years, and apple has now launched themGonda's iPad, and most of its competitors offer consumers their first products. However, if the price of new models competing with Google's Android operating system doubles, the company may lose its leading position in this field. before the launch of the iPad 2, the stock prices of some Taiwan parts manufacturers were revalued in Asia. Camera manufacturer genius maker electronic optiCal Ltd. and lens maker Largan precision Ltd. signed a new supply agreement with apple in December, two sources said in December, but could not confirm the reason © The device is designed for your product. tag: Apple camera chat iPad tablet related area view more information about new technologies and more. IPhone comment Publishing Rules EROSKI consumer reviews are gentle to ensure dialogue buildingIs active in the user, so it doesn't appear immediately. here we explain why © We continue to post comments. EROSKI consumer is an information product of the EROSKI foundation. EROSKI foundation legal data protection warning Cookie: XHTML: CSS: RSS: EROSKI uses its own and third-party cookies. If you explicitly accept our cookie policy, or continue to browse different pages and access different pages and menus, please usePlease confirm that this operation accepts your installation and use. For more information, click here.

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