"15 predictions made by Bill Gates in the last century were realized in 1999. Bill Gates is one of the most influential technology leaders in contemporary history. He wrote a book entitled" business at the speed of thinking ". In this article, the founder of Microsoft made 15 bold predictions, which may have seemed simple at the time, but over time, they have come true © Gates's idea has something to do with the world of technologyNoroga and business. Almost two days © In every publication of the book, the business insider portal censored every book. Now, we'll tell you what they are. Bill Gates: "an automatic price comparison service will be developed to enable people to view prices on more websites, so that it's easy to find the cheapest products in all industries." at present, There are a variety of websites and applicationsIf you allow us to easily search for products and compare prices with those offered in different locations, Whether it's in the physical square or the virtual square. Bill Gates: "people will carry small devices with them, so that they can keep in touch and e-commerce anywhere. You can view the news, view your flights, get information from financial markets, and do anything on these devices. " ifAlthough people felt that this technology would come soon in 1999, no one could imagine how much impact it would have on everyone's lives. Today, smart phones, smart watches, or home helpers provide users with a way to put all their information in one place, and it's possible to keep in touch with everyone. Bill Gates: "will develop a 'personal partner'" Connect and synchronize all devices in one waySmart, whether at home or in the office, and allow them to exchange data. The device will verify your email or notification and display the information you need. When you go to the store, you can tell him © For the recipe you are going to prepare, you will generate a list of ingredients you have to collect. It will inform you of all the devices you use and your shopping plan, allowing you to automatically adjust your shopping plan. personal assistant is already an areaLittle. Voice assistants like Google assistant and Amazon Alexa are becoming more sophisticated, and their goal is to develop a variety of homework, and why © All the way to the office. In addition, through the Internet of things, all the electronic devices in our home will be integrated and intelligently managed by these assistants, depending on the orders we give themAt the local destination. Suggest all activities, discounts, offers and affordable prices you would like to participate in. "; Br > we may happen to order or buy products online, and then Facebook or Google will bomb our promotional activities related to these purchases. Even if we're just looking for things we're interested in, like sneakers or technical articles, social media or ads on the websites we visitThey show a variety of related products. Bill Gates: "when you watch a sports game on TV, these services will allow you to talk about what's happening on the spot and participate in a game for whom you are going to vote © I believe you will win. social media is the first place for many people to discuss, question and express their opinions; Not only in sports, but in any field of life. In addition, some stringsAs you wish © They offer the possibility of leaving real-time comments on the portal. Bill Gates: "these devices will have smart ads. You will learn about your buying trends and display ads that suit your preferences. as mentioned in point 7, ads on sites such as Facebook or Google offer personalized ads based on each user's preferences and interests. However, this is not excluded from politics © Mica and glassMany times, these companies, as long as you get users' information, exceed the privacy limit. Gates predicted: "companies can bid for jobs, no matter who they are © N looking for a construction project, film production or advertising campaign. It's for big companies that want to outsource jobs they don't normally face, and for companies that are looking for new customers, and for companies that are looking for new customersThey don't have a regular provider of this service. "

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